#1-13 Women’s Murder Club

womens murder club

I had thoroughly sworn off reading anything by James Patterson. Mostly because I felt as if I gave into the Patterson hoopla, I’d be forever stuck. (How naïve of me, I know.) Well guess what. I am now thoroughly stuck. I can’t say I’m disappointed, however. I embarked my 100 books in 1 year journey by starting Patterson’s first installment of “The Women’s Murder Club”, 1st to Die. There are in all 13 books to this series, hence the group review. (13 reviews for 1 series is a little much, yeah?) And you know what? I was hooked right away. His writing is quick and addictive. With short chapters, ranging from 2-5 pages, you can’t help but keep telling yourself, “Just one more chapter.”

I fell in love with the women of the murder club almost instantaneously. They sort of remind me of the Sex in the City cast, but instead of specializing in shoes and relationships, guns and police work are more their style. Don’t get me wrong, Patterson is very good at throwing in a good relationship and juicy scene or two. Which obviously led me to read 2nd Chance, then 3rd Degree, and so on and so forth until I finished 12th of Never. Sadly, I didn’t yet own Unlucky 13. BUT. The day I finished the cliffhanger that was 12th of Never, Unlucky 13 had just been released! Coincidence? I think not! My wonderful neighbor/best friend in all of the land surprised me with the just released novel and I read it that day. (I needed a life, I know.) Unfortunately, Patterson loves ending his novels with a good old fashioned surprise. So I’m obviously awaiting the arrival of his 14th book in the series.

Nonetheless,  I really do recommend this series. If you love a good mystery with suspense and catastrophe, there are 13 books full of all that at your disposal thanks to the addicting James Patterson. Just be aware that he likes to create characters that you absolutely love, and then rip them away from you. But what’s a good book if it doesn’t make you cry a little?

Happy reading!


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