#16-33 Alex Cross Series

alex cross

Remember when I said I was thoroughly stuck on James Patterson? Behold the 18 book-long review of the Alex Cross series that I’ve read so far. Well played, Patterson.

I must say that I had not realized how much I would like these books when I started Along Came a Spider. Of course I liked how short the chapters were, how fast-paced the novel was, the disturbing yet fascinating plot. But it was Alex Cross himself who truly enticed me to move onto Kiss the Girls, and ultimately read all the way until the 18th book in the series, Kill Alex Cross. I guess you could say I have a mild crush on the fictional D.C. hero, Alex Cross. I’m not really ashamed of it, just wish he was real. HA!

ANYWAYS. This series is the epitome of “on-the-edge-of-your-seat”, psychologically thrilling, and just downright messes with your head and heart. Like I’ve said before, Patterson likes to make you fall for a character and then rip them away from you. With the Alex Cross novels, Patterson also brings characters into your life that you will absolutely loathe. Throughout the series I became very angry with the villains Patterson has created. From Casanova to Kyle Craig, you won’t believe how much hate you can really feel for a fictional character. Again, if you love mysteries, thrillers, and crime novels, James Patterson delivers. In all, there are 21 books in the Alex Cross series (so far). I have yet to read Alex Cross, Run (#19), Cross My Heart (#20), or Hope to Die (#21). But I’m sure I will be needing my Alex Cross fix soon enough and will eventually circle back to my James Patterson obsession.  

Note: I read all 18 books in roughly a 2 month period.


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