#34 I’d Know You Anywhere


I had come across this book one night while browsing the Barnes & Noble website (one of my favorite pastimes), thought it sounded amazing, and added it to my wishlist. I had completely forgotten about it until I stumbled upon it at a local bookstore and thought, “Why not?”

I’d Know You Anywhere was my first Laura Lippman novel and I can’t say it’s a favorite. Don’t get me wrong, it is an intriguing book and I obviously finished it. But I don’t feel as if it’s “re-read worthy”.

Eliza Benedict is an interesting and complex character who experienced a horrible kidnapping and captive situation when she was fifteen. The book opens in present day and goes on to reveal that Eliza’s captor, who’s in prison, is reaching out to her in order to get her to “remember the truth about that long-ago summer.” All and all it was a good book, full of surprisesĀ and suspense. I rated it with 3 stars on Goodreads (not a rating I normally give) so I guess I would say it’s an okay read. Still, when it comes to my reading challenge, another one bites the dust!


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