#35 Home Again

After reading a ridiculous amount of books focused on murder, crime, and suspense; I needed a good love story. Giving that I’ve had such great luck with Kristin Hannah in the past, I chose to read Home Again. I wanted a love story, and well, I got one. Touching a few different bases surrounding family dynamics and drama, Hannah did a great job of making me feel a variety of emotions within the 393 pages.

One of my favorite things about Kristin Hannah’s books is the “Reader’s Guide” located at the end. The interview portion of the guide gives a great insight to why and how Hannah comes up with her elaborate characters and plots. I also read the discussion questions, not that I have a book club to discuss them with. However, the questions are kind of like a little quiz and make me think harder about what I just read (Does that make me weird? I have no idea. Probably.) . Overall I’d have to give Home Again a 3.5 stars, on Goodreads I rounded up and gave it a 4 out of 5. Not that this novel wasn’t touching or didn’t have a good story line, it honestly just wasn’t very challenging. I kept checking to see how much more I had left to read only because it dragged on a little more than I would have liked. I can see why Kristin Hannah is considered a “romance” writer now, however. Which doesn’t¬†necessarily mean I’ll be straying from her novels anytime soon, she’s still a brilliant writer.


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