#45 What The Dead Know


After reading Laura Lippman’s I’d Know You Anywhere, I was worrisome when I chose to read What The Dead Know. I was looking for a fast-paced, interesting read and was hoping that Lippman could surprise me. What The Dead Know was one of the biggest surprises I could have probably asked for.

I have a serious obsession with fiction written about kidnapping for some odd reason, which is why this particular novel caught my attention. Thirty years ago, the Bethany sisters disappear from the local shopping mall with no trace of evidence whatsoever. Fast forward to present day and their bodies (assuming they’re no longer alive) have never been recovered. Can you see why my interest was peaked? Following a hit-and-run accident, a woman is saying that her name is Heather Bethany. The younger of the two sisters who disappeared 30 years prior.

I continued to read this novel hoping to find out what really happened to those sisters, what I ended up with at the end of What The Dead Know blew me away. I obviously can’t tell you the CRAZY plot twist without ruining the whole book. So please, read this! What The Dead Know has restored my faith in Laura Lippman, truly her best writing in my opinion. I’ve rated this great suspense with a full 4 stars on Goodreads.


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