#66 Driftwood Summer

Driftwood Summer

After I found my first Patti Callahan Henry novel, Between The Tides, at a thrift store, I knew I had to read more by this author. Driftwood Summer is officially my second read from Henry, and I can’t wait to read more of her work. Placed in a quaint little Georgia coast town, the Sheffield sisters band together in order to save their family’s Driftwood Cottage Bookstore. Right away, I knew I was going to enjoy this book. What I absolutely love about Henry’s writing is that (in the two books I’ve read so far) she constantly refers to books in her books. Ha. Something about the way she compares lives to the writings of novels really resonates with me.

Like Between The Tides, this novel is peppered with family drama, hidden secrets, and the importance of friendship. I rated Driftwood Summer with 4 full stars on Goodreads making it number 65 in my 100 books in 1 year challenge.

“‘Sometimes I want life to stay exactly the way it is; and other times I just can’t wait to get onto the next thing.’ ‘I know,’ Riley said. ‘Like a novel where sometimes you’re dying to know what happens next, but other times you just don’t want the book to end.'”

Driftwood Summer is one of those novels that you read the last 10 pages painfully slow, not wanting the story and characters to end.


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