#68 Creep


After reading Jennifer Hillier’s newest book, The Butcher, I had to venture back to her first novel, Creep. I had expected something a little more like The Butcher but was pleasantly surprised to find that, despite the thrilling similarities between the two, Creep is actually even more psychologically jarring. The main character, Dr. Sheila Tao, is likeable enough and it was easy to see the story through her eyes. One thing I enjoy about Hillier’s writing is the fact that she switches points of view quite often, giving you an idea of what’s going on in the other characters heads throughout the novel.

For some odd reason, books involving kidnapping and being held in captivity draw me in immensely. Creep ties in both, making you get excited and giving you, well, the creeps. Hillier creates the perfect antagonist, Ethan Wolfe, who you can’t help but despise from early on in the novel. If thrillers intrigue you, this book is an easy read that delivers suspense in masses. Creep was satisfying enough to check out the sequel, Freak, which I am in the middle of as I type. I rated #67 on my journey to 100 books 5 stars on Goodreads, rounding up from the 4.5 I feel it deserves.


One thought on “#68 Creep

  1. Great insight Steph!!.. I too love the way she switches points of view from character to character. Looking forward to her fourth book!! : )~


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