#70 Night Blindness

Night Blindness
While reading this newly published novel, I couldn’t help but feel a sense a familiarity to when I read Koethi Zan’s The Never List. I kept asking myself, “How is this Susan Strecker’s first novel?” Night Blindness was absolutely incredible. I seriously enjoyed Strecker’s writing style, which is why it is unfathomable to me that this is her first book. Not only was I a fan of her writing, but her characters as well.

Set in a small community, Night Blindness is about how our pasts can haunt and hinder our present, as well as our futures. Jensen Reilly’s older brother, Will, dies of a brain injury supposedly related to a tackle during a football game. But does Jensen know what really happened to her beloved rising football star brother? I strongly encourage you to read and find out for yourself. This novel is filled with family values and most of all, forgiveness. Night Blindness really hit home with me in a lot of ways, and it’s not too often that a novel brings me to full on tears (I was crying my little eyes out by the time I reached the epilogue).

Consisting of a mere 290 pages, Night Blindness is one of those must-read books of 2014. (Why I was the only person to have placed a hold on it at the library, I’m still trying to figure out.) I rated Susan Strecker’s first novel a fully deserving 5 stars on Goodreads. I can assure you that this book is in fact, a great read. If it doesn’t make you cry, it’ll at least make you laugh out loud.

“I finally realized the things that split me open, then halved me again and again never really broke me. Seventh grade pre-algebra taught me you could divide a number forever and never reach zero. Perhaps the same holds true for a person.”


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