Fall Book Haul!

Fall Book Sale

Apparently, Boise has a Fall Holiday Book Sale that I had no idea existed. Well. I know it exists now. And this is also why I’m not allowed to go book shopping alone. I stumbled into the warehouse in which it is held and wow. So, so, so many books! It was a little piece of bookworm heaven. Especially when I casually glanced at a price tag of a trade paperback. I’m sure I exclaimed out loud, because ALL of their paperbacks were $1.50! I could not believe my eyes! So naturally, I left with 13 new novels to add to my ever-growing, overflowing collection. I justified my purchase with the fact that the proceeds benefit my local library and also that it was ONLY $25 total (including a nifty book bag to carry them all home in). I’m pretty proud of myself for getting books that I have yet to read, surely I can read the remaining 30 books in my challenge from my bookshelves at home. The big score was definitely James Patterson’s 11th Hour. I already own all of his other Women’s Murder Club novels, and I’ve been scrounging thrift stores for the 11th. For only $2, I could simply not resist. Below are each of my new additions to my collection, linked to Goodreads. Just in case you’d like to read the synopsis.

Circle of ThreeThe Midwife's ConfessionFalling HomeThe Good FatherHope in a Jar

One Moment, One MorningCemetery GirlFolly BeachSummer IslandAngel Falls

First LoveWinter Garden11th Hour


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