#73 Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

I heavily debated whether I should subject myself to the world of Alex Cross again or pick up one of the many random paperbacks around my house. Inner turmoil. As you can see, I chose Alex Cross. I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Since reading Patterson’s 18 other Alex Cross novels, I’ve tried my hardest to read anything but his books. Mostly because there are only 3 more Alex Cross books available at this time and I’m just not ready to say goodbye! However, since Patterson’s newest Alex Cross novel, Hope To Die, comes out this month I had to welcome dear Alex Cross back into my life.

As I’ve said in my earlier group review of the Alex Cross series, I have an enormous crush on this fictional character. (Maybe that’s why my I’m dating a man named Alex? Who knows. HA!) Merry Christmas, Alex Cross pulled me right in from where I left off with Kill Alex Cross. Opening on Christmas Eve, (of course) Alex is pulled away from his family to negotiate another family’s hostage situation. After successfully negotiating, Alex is pulled into another Christmas fiasco. Dr. Hala Al Dossari from a previous book in the series, is back and threatening the city of D.C. with yet another terrorist attack. Not to spoil anything, but of course Alex Cross saves the day with his best friend John Sampson (who I picture as Shaq).

What I love about James Patterson’s fiction is how quickly he engages his readers. Merry Christmas, Alex Cross is no exception. I couldn’t believe how easily I was enticed back into the lovely world of Alex Cross. Consisting of only 323 pages, Merry Christmas, Alex Cross is a must-read for any and all that love a good thriller by the talented James Patterson. I, indubitably, rated this novel 5 stars on Goodreads. Which may be biased, but a fitting rating nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “#73 Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

  1. HA!! Alex, I never made the connection!! I have always pictured John Sampson as Laurence Fishburne. Alex Cross books were displayed prominently in front of airport books stores and shops in Seattle, Oakland and Boise. Thanks to you and Alex for picking me up at the airport Steph!!! Much appreciated!!! : )~

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