Hope to Die

Hope to DieAs you already know, I’m a sucker for Alex Cross. I received Hope to Die as a gift (one of the best gifts ever) on the day it was released but could not bring myself to start devouring it right away. Part of my reluctance was fear, Patterson left me close to an emotional breakdown with the ending of Cross My Heart and I was scared that my beloved Cross family would be slaughtered. I guess the other part of me being reluctant was also fear. Even though Patterson writes books ridiculously quick, I read them faster than he can write them unfortunately. I did not want to endure the wait for another Alex Cross novel. I thought if I held off long enough, Patterson would have another Alex Cross novel waiting for me when I finally read Hope to Die. Obviously, I wasn’t able to hold off for very long.

Hope to Die picks up right where Cross My Heart leaves you, flabbergasted and emotionally distraught. Alex Cross is still trying to save his family from Thierry Mulch with the help of Ava (the Cross family’s former foster child) and John Sampson. Throughout this novel I begged James Patterson to bring the Cross family home, like he was God and these characters were anything but fiction. I think that’s what I love the most about Patterson, the depth of his characters with how many novels he writes gives you the sense of familiarity. He brings his characters and their worlds to life. I don’t necessarily think how much I adore the Cross family is healthy, but either way, James Patterson knows how to write. I obviously highly recommend Hope to Die to everyone who is familiar with Alex Cross. Thankfully Patterson had a little mercy this time and didn’t leave me pining for his next book (at least not too much). I am curious to see what the future has to offer with Alex Cross and can promise I’ll be scrambling to the bookstore when the next novel is published.


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