Leaving Time

Leaving Time

I have been a faithful fan of Jodi Picoult since I was in high school. After reading her novel Perfect Match, I realized that Picoult and I were, in fact, a perfect match. Ha, ha. So you can imagine my excitement when she set a release date for Leaving Time in late 2014. Thankfully, my best friend is also in love with Picoult’s writing and bought the book soon after it was released and I didn’t have to wait impatiently for it to be available at the library. All I can say is I was definitely not disappointed in Jodi Picoult with Leaving Time. Not one bit.

“What I was really researching was not how elephants deal with loss, but how humans can’t.”

I was initially taken aback by the change of scenery in Picoult’s latest novel. If you haven’t read any of her work before (which you should, right now. Seriously.), most of her book center around a trial or crime of some sort. Which, of course, I enjoy immensely. Revolving around memory, elephants, and psychics; Leaving Time was a horse (or elephant?) of a different Picoult breed. Of the many things I like about Picoult’s writing, I appreciate how much research she puts into her novels. Leaving Time was no exception. Chalk full with statistics and information regarding elephants and memory, I kept reading to not only figure out what the heck was going on but also to read more information!.

I couldn’t help but rate Leaving Time with a full 5 stars on Goodreads. I may be a little biased, however, Picoult knows how to write a plot twist near the end of her books. The surprise in and of itself is 5 stars worthy.


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