IMG_9364 I’m Stephanie, a 23 year old bibliophile in the truest sense of the word.
If you’re unaware of what that means, please look it up, new words are fun : ).
Welcome to my blog, which as you will see, is dedicated to my love of reading. I do, as my title says, live between the pages of the novels I read and must share these books, as well as my opinions of, to the worldwide web. My goal is to read and soak up the words of as many books as I possibly can while on this earth. So please feel free to follow and/or comment on my journey or even recommend books!

I can’t remember a time that I didn’t love reading.
When I’m not overusing my library card (is there such a thing? I mean, really.)
or have my nose buried in my latest fiction obsession, I usually do real life.
Example? I live and work in beautiful Boise with my three darling furbabies, Mons, Mew, and Sadie.
I proudly accept being a Crazy Cat Lady (and part dog-lover).
Oh, and with the best boyfriend a girl could have, Alex. (It’s no coincidence that he shares the name of my favorite fictional man, Alex Cross 😉 )

I am also blessed with the most amazing friends an unusual,
book-obsessive, cat-loving, coffee-inhaling girl could ask for.

If you’d like to get to know me or have any questions, please feel free.
Follow me on Goodreads!


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